What’s the Difference Between an Apex Roof and a Reverse Apex Roof on a Log Cabin/Summerhouse?

If you’re wanting a timeless, classic look for your log cabin or summerhouse, an apex roof is certainly the design to plump for.

But with 2 styles to choose from, are you wanting a traditional apex roof or a reverse apex roof? That is the question…

Apex Roof

An apex cabin has a pointed roof comprising of 2 sloping sides meeting at the highest point in the middle, creating a ridge that runs lengthways from one gable end to the other. Generally the angle is equal on both sides.

The gable ends are the sections of wall located at the end of a pitched roof, forming the front and back of the cabin.

The door is placed on one of the gable ends.

The peak in the centre of the roof running from one gable end to the other offers maximum height running centrally from the front to the back of the cabin.

With plenty of headroom, particularly in the centre of the cabin, a log cabin with an apex roof is ideal to fit in tall equipment needed for a home gym or workshop.

Reverse Apex Roof

A reverse apex cabin has a pointed roof of 2 equal sections, similar to the apex roof. However, the gables are on the sides of the cabin.

The roof will slope down towards the front and back of the cabin rather than either side.

The doors are situated on the longer side wall and not on a gable end.

An advantage of the reverse apex design is it makes it easier to reach all parts of the log cabin.

With both the traditional and reverse apex designs, the sloped edges enable water to run off easily and so helps prevent water damage, reduces maintenance and keeps the struture of the cabin stronger for longer.

Recommended roof covering for apex design:

Bitumen felt shingles – premium protection, easy to fit and available in a choice of colours – will keep the cabin protected for up to 25 years.

One final point – the word apex derives from the Latin word meaning “point, tip, summit”? Not a lot of people know that…a good conversation opener if you’re really stuck!!

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