Summerhouses: Girlie Haven vs Man Den

25 September 2013 - Joanna Hazelton
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Yes, I know. This is going to go down the stereotype route. But the trouble is my husband and I are unfortunately at odds over how we are going to do up our new summer house.
Are we to go with my idea of a girlie haven or his idea of a man den?
Now, of course, it is a given that my idea will take fruition but I have got to humour him for the time being.
For all us ladies, can you think of anything more heavenly than shutting the door behind you in your summerhouse hideaway, taking refuge in sumptuous surroundings and completely switching off from reality? It doesn’t have to take much.

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Use Your Garden All Year With a Log Cabin

20 September 2013 - Joanna Hazelton
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Karaoke machine, poker table, bar, sofas, soft lighting….
I’m not describing my night out with the girls last Saturday. No. All of this can be found at the bottom of my next door neighbour’s garden. Yes, he has had a log cabin built and the local hot spot is now by the back gate at number 12.
Midlife crisis does spring to mind (I’m anticipating a smoke machine and pole dancers next) but as long as I get an invite I’m not complaining – although perhaps the neighbours will once they’ve heard my rendition of Mama Mia…

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