A Few Pointers to Help Keep Rodents Out of Your Log Cabin

It’s fair to say that sharing your fabulous outdoor living space with a mouse or rat – or both! – is not particularly desirable.

The sheltered, covered area under a garden building will attract rodents so you really don’t want to tempt the little critters to any areas near your cabin. Keeping temptations to a minimum will stop them moving under and then moving in!!

Check out below some handy tips on how to help prevent them becoming room mates!!

* Keep vegetation growth away from the under and sides of your log cabin

Rats and mice love a bit of vegetation to make a home in so best to keep this at bay and out of the way near the base of your cabin to keep them away!

* Don’t use ground feed for birds near the cabin

* Don’t grow vegetable patches near the cabin

Avoid attracting rodents with a ready and tempting food supply from a vegetable patch and bird feed on the ground. This is a sure way of encouraging them to make their home under your cabin close to all the enticing food!

* Inspect the cabin frequently for any obvious access points

It really doesn’t have to be a big space for rats and mice to wriggle through so keep an eye out for any really small places and fill with flexible sealer.

Use wire mesh to cover any larger areas to keep them out.

* Peppermint Oil

There are several scents rodents dislike, one of which is peppermint oil.

A good tip is to add a few drops of peppermint oil to water and use this to spray around your cabin and on possible entry points. Not only do you have yourself a rodent deterrent that will help keep mice away, your cabin will also smell fresh and lovely too!

Clove oil, cinnamon, citronella and vinegar are other natural fragrances that will help keep the rodents at bay!

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