Looking After Your Wooden Garden Gazebo

Not only a fabulous feature for your garden, a wooden gazebo is the perfect bolt hole to escape to on a sunny afternoon with a good book and pot of tea or a sneaky G&T at the end of a busy day.

So it’s important to take the time to keep it in tip top condition to prolong its life, so ensuring you get as much enjoyment from it as possible for many years to come.

What do you need to think about?

Treating the Wood

Take time to treat the wood of your gazebo as soon as possible after it has been built to protect and strengthen it against the elements.

Use a wood preserver as a pre-treatment before applying a wood stain – or paint if you want to add a splash of colour.

This needs to be repeated regularly every one to two years to prevent the wood from deteriorating.

Make sure the whole structure is coated from floor to roof including the rafters and thresholds.

* Wood Preserver

A good wood preserver will penetrate the timber and give long-term protection against rot and fungi by controlling the moisture and repelling water. It will also help with protection against insect damage and infestation.

Wait 2-5 days for the preservative to dry before staining or painting the gazebo.

Recommendation – Cuprinol Wood Preserver

* Wood Stain

This will protect the wood surface of the gazebo primarily from rain penetration and damage caused by UV radiation.

Make sure you use a stain or paint that can be used on bare cladding.

It is highly recommended that a water based stain is used to guarantee the chemicals included for protecting the wood are safe for the environment.

Top tip: A darker tone stain will give superior protection against the weather due to its greater pigmentation compared with a lighter tone stain which can be susceptible to sunburn!

Recommendation – Sadolin Opaque Woodstain

Keep Soil and Other Debris Away

Soil, mulch and debris collecting at the bottom of the gazebo are all prime spots for water to collect in and should be kept at least 3 metres away to prevent mould from the moisture developing in the wood.

Fix Cracks

If cracks appear and are left untreated water will seep in resulting in wood rot and mould.

Use a wood filler or external sealant that matches the colour of the gazebo wood.

Wash Once or Twice a Year

It is advisable to wash and gently scrub the gazebo with warm water and mild detergent to help stop the growth of mildew or moss – and get rid of any unsightly bird mess!

It’s also a good idea to hose the roof to keep it clean and clear of debris.

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