With her inspirational story now immortalised in the 2015 film Dare to Be Wild, Mary Reynolds is the young Irish gardener who, at 27, took the Chelsea Flower Show by storm and became the youngest person ever to win the gold medal. Her evocative Celtic Sanctuary, with its 500 wild plants, 200 year old hawthorns, […]


Demons, Zombies, No Wi-Fi. The Horrors That Lurk in Log Cabins.

1 November 2017

So, I searched ‘Top 10 Fun Facts About Log Cabins’…it transpires there aren’t any. I did find out that log cabins originated in Scandinavia and Eastern Europe and the first log structures were probably being built in about 3500BC. But where’s the fun in that?? So I thought I’d give ‘Scariest Log Cabin in the […]

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See What Our Customers Have Done With Their Log Cabins

29 September 2017

So, what would you do with a log cabin in your garden? Office, garden room, art studio, kids’ den, karaoke bar…the possibilities are endless. The thought of having somewhere to escape to on a summer’s day sounds idyllic. But don’t forget a log cabin doesn’t just have to be for the summer. Add some insulation […]

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Why Wood-Fired Oven Cooked Pizzas are the New Burgers

7 June 2016

It’s time to give your alfresco dining a new lease of life. So away with the tried and tested burgers and baps, sausages and buns. And make way for…pizza. And I don’t mean a quick call to Papa John’s. You really can’t beat the taste of a pizza straight from a wood-fired oven: crispy, crusty, […]

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Why customer service is so important to us

14 March 2016

I have been buying computer hardware from a particular on-line store for years, for my businesses and for home. Up until recently I’ve been very happy with them; I’ve ordered stuff and it’s arrived. And the prices are competitive. But it’s not until something goes wrong that you really appreciate a great business. Sadly, that’s not […]

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Top Tips for Buying a Garden Shed

13 January 2016

Did you know 7% of UK shed owners hide secret shopping receipts, 8% store secret cigarettes and 9% keep naughty snacks in their sheds? And one in five of us like spending time in the shed to avoid our partners. Apparently eating Mars Bars and smoking crafty cigarettes. So while you ponder on what you’re […]

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Carrot Margarita Anyone?

7 December 2015

Carrot Margarita. Brussels Sproutini. Parsnip Punch. Pea Puree Cocktail. Now these are the trimmings I’m looking forward to having with my Christmas turkey this year. Yum I hear you cry. But go with it… What better way to get your 5-a-day over the Christmas season than with these scrummy festive cocktails. And what a virtuous […]

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Out with the Dull and In with Vibrant, Chic and Affordable Resin Garden Furniture

14 March 2015

After months of dismal, dull, dark and dreary days isn’t it lovely to see the world spring back to life with a vibrant array of yellow daffodils, pink blossom and purple crocuses? And what better way to add to this explosion of colour in your garden than with some resin garden furniture. Granted, probably not […]

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Who Needs a Scented Candle When You Can Have a Scented Fire?

25 October 2014

I’m certainly not going to let the chilly evenings spoil my enjoyment of being in the garden for the rest of this year. There really is nothing nicer than huddling around a roaring fire, snug and warm with a mug of cocoa in hand, watching the glowing embers and flickering flames as they leap and […]

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Ooh…Look What We’ve Done In Our Garden!

9 September 2014

We’ve only gone and done it… And, I have to say, I do feel rather smug about it :-). I’ve never really liked our patio area. Dirty grey stones that were forever needing jet washing and nasty little weeds that were forever growing, despite constant weeding and copious amounts of weedkiller. I swear, if weeds […]

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