Have Fun Transforming Your Garden

8 April 2014 - Joanna Hazelton
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Fed up after months of gloom, frost and rain, our damson trees appear to be summing up the feeling of the garden as a whole with its glorious blossom seemingly rejoicing at the good weather (I feel a poem coming on…).
Seeing this has inspired me to give the garden some well deserved TLC.
Trouble is, my list keeps getting longer by the day as I think of more things that we need, sorry, my husband needs to do to breathe life back into the garden and give it a well deserved facelift (don’t we all?!).
But I do appreciate my husband isn’t getting any younger and I am concerned about who will do the cooking if he’s too busy in the garden. So I’ve scaled things down and come up with a list of top ideas for creating a new look, dream garden.

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