Why Have a Greenhouse?

Greenhouses. Where to start. Big? Small? Wood? Aluminium? Glass? Plastic?
I was all set to browse the web to give you an in-depth guide as to what to look for in a greenhouse. Then, as luck would have it, I stumbled across an informative blog I’d forgotten Jack had written a couple of years ago entitled Jack’s Greenhouse Guide which details all the main points you need to consider. So that’s made my life a whole lot easier.
It got me thinking though. Why have a greenhouse at all? Well, lots of reasons really.

  • It’s sheltered, dry and warm – for both you and your plants (definitely my sort of gardening).
  • You can grow fresh fruit and veg all year.
  • Save money on your supermarket bills.
  • Go organic and grow food free from harmful pesticides.
  • Save money on replacing your garden plants each year.
  • An opportunity to grow a much wider range of plants.
  • Easier to maintain than your garden – no weeds!
  • Protect your plants in the winter – just add heat with a small electric heater when the temperature dips below freezing.
  • Protect your plants from insects, pests and the weather.
  • And, most importantly, it’s a quiet getaway to escape to from the stresses of the world (and your husband) – a haven to contemplate life, just you and your tomatoes.

Halls Supreme 4x6 Greenhouse

So now you’ve been swayed by my words of wisdom and have decided that a greenhouse is a must for your garden I thought I’d put together the following few gems of advice.

  • Don’t put your greenhouse near your children’s football pitch!
  • Choose a location near electricity so you can use heaters, fans, lighting and propagators (make sure professionally fitted and properly earthed).
  • Make sure it’s near a water supply to make life easier for you and your watering can and for automatic watering systems.
  • East-west positioning is best to gain maximum sunlight in the winter and spring.
  • Prevent mould by washing the interior glass with warm soap and water.
  • Keep the outside glass clean to guarantee your plants get maximum sunshine.
  • Ventilation should be equal to at least 1/5th of the floor area.
  • Make the greenhouse rodent-proof (good luck with that one).

And now for some fun facts. There aren’t many.

  • George Washington grew his pineapples in a greenhouse in Mount Vernon, Virginia.

Well, I hope this gives you a few things to mull over. And while you’re doing that take a look at Jack’s fabulous range of aluminium greenhouses and wooden greenhouses of all sizes – you’ll be amazed at the choice.
And finally, why did the greenhouse call a doctor? Because it had window pains….(sorry, couldn’t resist).
Happy (warm) gardening!

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