Worthwhile Garden Improvements – 3 of the Best

In our homes we are always looking for the best ways to improve the look and also valuation of it, and it should be no different within the garden. Especially with the economy the way it is right now in Britain it is essential that we make improvements that are worthwhile. In today’s article I intend on giving you 3 of the best, worthwhile garden improvements for your home.
Having a well-planned out decking area
In the summer months we all dream of having somewhere we can wine and dine while entertaining guests, a proper outdoor living area is well worthwhile. The most popular way to do so is to add a decking area to our garden, somewhere in which we can put our feet up in the sun and relax.
If you already have a decking area but it is maybe run down or out of date then now is the perfect time to improve and update it before the summer begins. Adding a lick of paint is a good idea for updating the area and bringing life to it once again, this is an affordable adjustment that can also be a good DIY job if you’re looking to save yourself some money.

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When it comes to selling your home already having an outdoor living space as a focal point will not only add valuation but also increase its likeliness to sell. Making your home and garden attractive to estate agents and buyers alike is a huge must, a decking area will without do this, if it is in good shape that is.
Landscape gardening is a good way of improving your home, little things such as adding ornaments/gardening accessories are a good idea. You can easily create a theme by doing so. How about adding rattan furniture to your decking area? You can create the perfect outdoor dining area or lounge with a sofa set or dining set.
Having a conservatory installed
The conservatory is definitely one of the most popular home/garden improvements in the modern era throughout the United Kingdom and it is easy to see why. With it not only adding extra living space but also a good place to relax in the summer while adding substantial value to your home too.
Although it may seem like a very expensive project at the start in the long term adding a conservatory is a great garden and home improvement. Not only does it add value to your home but it creates a room that connects your garden and home, while also making your home a more ‘buyable’ one too.
Even in summer Britain isn’t the brightest of places and having a conservatory means we can enjoy time with our family and friends even when the weather doesn’t want us too, this is why it is included in my 3 of the best.
A garden room or shed
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When I say ‘shed’ I do not mean the bog standard wooden one that homeowners use for storing all their gardening equipment. I mean one that is used for much more than that. Sheds and garden rooms alike are great improvements if we go about using them in the right way.
I have seen many people add a room to their home and garden through a large shed. In fact, in some cases people have even used them as a bedroom. Garden rooms may be an expensive improvement but they are without doubt worthwhile. Popular garden room choices include:

  • Outdoor kitchen space
  • Games room
  • Home gym
  • Bedroom
  • Office
  • Dining area

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