Treat your bike – Get a bike storage shed

Bike storage shed
Bike storage shed

A bike storage shed provides you with a safe and secure place to keep your bike whilst also providing you with easy access to your cycling equipment.
Are you planning to get fit?
If you are thinking of buying a bicycle to cycle to work or to ride on the weekends you must add into your bicycle budget the cost of a bike store. Buying a bike is often the first step people make towards getting fit. Many of us start off with the best intentions however after the first energetic outing the bike is put away in the garage or garden shed with all the best intentions of going out again…. A few weeks may pass before the weather permits you to go out again but by this point your bike has become lost in the clutter of your garage or garden shed. The hassle of extracting it from it’s current storage spot seems all but too great so it will simply stay put. If this sounds familiar then you should consider buying a bike storage shed. Not only will this provide you with quick and easy access to your bike but it will also enable you to keep your bike safe and secure.
A bike store will help you to keep your garage clear and your bike wheels protected. Bike Stores are specifically designed to keep your bike safe and secure in the most space efficient manner. not only do these lockable storage units keep your bike safe they also provide shelving space and hanging storage for biking equipment. If you have a small garden or are without a garage a bike store can act as the perfect mini shed. Just be careful not to let clutter build or you could lose the benefits a bike store offers.
Storing your bike alongside your outdoor tools and equipment can often result in your bike becoming damaged and scratched. Access can become difficult meaning that you leave your bike stored away and do not ride it as often as you would like.
The common size for a bike storage shed is 6 foot by 3 foot and in it you can store two bikes comfortably. Bike stores are generally made of wood but you can purchase metal bike store which are more expensive.
When buying a bike storage shed consider the accessibility of actually getting to the shed and the shed.  Take time to decide the location of your shed and try to pick a spot with easy access to your driveway of garden exit so that you can start cycling quickly and easily. Consider how easy it is to get your bikes in and out of your new shed. A gabled roof will off more height than a slanted roof. A good bike store should have double doors for easy access and have no windows as a security measure. Some Bike stores can be mounted or attached to a wall or your home.
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