A few facts about beans…..

If you love to grow your own fruit and vegetables, now is the time to sow your beans! In May the weather is perfect for sowing your runner bean and French beans. Beans are susceptible to the frost so waiting until May should guarantee the right weather conditions for your beans to flourish.
French beans prefer hot weather but will produce flushes of beans in cooler summers and will continue to produce a crop throughout the summer months.
Moonlight the French bean and runner bean cross is available for the first time this year. These beans look like French beans but have the taste of runner beans.
Growing runner beans
Prepare your soil in advance by digging in plenty of compost. You can grow runner beans directly in the soil or alternatively in a raised bed or planter. Some varieties of runner bean will grow up to 6ft tall so do ensure that you provide support for your beans either with canes or trellis.
Runner beans produce wonderful flowers that are red or white so why not plant your runner beans in a planter with trellis in a sunny spot in your garden that is within each reach of your kitchen.  This method will not only provide your beans with all of the support that they need but it will allow you to enjoy the pretty foliage and keep your beans within easy reach of your kitchen!
Growing French beans
French beans love a sunny sheltered spot outdoors where they will be protected from cold winds. As with runner beans you must provide your bean plants with support as they can grow up to 6ft tall.
French beans are a wonderful growing partner with lettuce as the tall bean plants will produce much loved shade for the lettuce plants.
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