Top 8 Garden Storage ideas

Whether you are looking for a home for your lawn mower, children’s toys or simply somewhere to house the overflow of things from your house, here at Jacks Garden Store we have compiled a quick guide on the best types of garden storage.

Metal shed
Woodvale 10×8 metal shed
  1. Garden Shed – A garden shed is the perfect storage solution for almost all of your storage requirements! There are so many different kinds of sheds available which vary in size, design and materials. You can choose from a shed with an apex roof or alternatively pick a pent shed.  If you are looking for an affordable garden shed to store your gardening equipment and children’s outdoor toys you can’t go too far wrong with a wooden shed. The most popular size is an 8×6 garden shed. If you have many expensive items that you want to store security you may wish to invest in a heavy duty metal shed. A metal shed will provide you with piece of mind and keep your gardening equipment safe and secure.
  2. Summerhouse – A summerhouse is great for storing outdoor chars such as sun loungers. Inside your summerhouse they will remain dry and well kept and allow you easy access when the sun comes out. Another benefit of a summerhouse is that it can be used as an additional room which you can relax and enjoy views of your garden.
  3. Multi-purpose garden stores – These are available in a whole host of different sizes and offer a great alternative to a garden shed, which is great if you have a small garden. Multi-purpose storage units either open at the top or have doors on the front to allow easy access to your gardening tools. Some are available with shelving to keep everything nice and tidy.
  4. Bike Stores – Keeping your bike in the shed or garage can sometimes lead to your bike being damaged or scratched. Keeping your families bikes in their own storage facility not only keeps them safe but also allows you easy access to your bikes. Bike stores are lockable so your bikes will be safe from theft.
  5. Bin Stores – Modern bins are pretty unsightly! Why not cover your existing bin with a bin store and keep it out of sight. There are both single and double bin stores available as well as outer casings for your recycling boxes.
  6. Wood Stores – A wood store allows you to keep your firewood dry and neatly tidied away. These simple structures go up against a wall or fence and provide great storage for your firewood whilst allowing your wood the proper ventilation it requires.
  7. Tool Stores – Whether you keep these outside or in your garage or shed a tool store allows you to store your gardening and household tool in an organised fashion. Once you have a tool store you will never need to spend hours tracking down that pair of pliers again!
  8. Storage boxes– Offer storage solutions for those of you really tight on space! A storage box opens from the top and allows you to easily store small gardening items. If you are looking for a home for your children’s outdoor toys you may choose a wooden storage box or alternatively if you want a safe and secure place to keep your tools opt for a lockable metal storage box.
    Eaton summerhouse
    Eaton summerhouse

For a huge range of garden storage solutions visit Jacks Garden Store today where you will find plenty of fantastic garden sheds, summerhouses and other garden storage solutions at great prices.

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  1. Use of garden storage units is one of the best means to keep your garden and the outside of your house clutter free. The market offers many choices to choose from. When selecting the best type for your needs, ensure the unit is of quality materials and is easy to assemble.

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