Garage and Car Port Guide

You are planning to build a covered area for your car but cannot decide whether to opt for a garage or car port to shelter your car. Read this guide to determine which is best for you.
A garage offers a safe and secure structure in which to keep your car and gardening equipment protected. Expensive land prices in the UK mean that so many people now are using their garages as either additional storage space or as an extra living space which can be used as a home office, gym or workshop. If you are looking to use your garage as an additional room choose one with windows so that you can enjoy natural light whilst you play or relax. Alternatively if you are purely looking for a secure storage facility pick a garage without windows and give thief’s less opportunity to get access to your possessions.
Car Ports
A car port is a great alternative to a garage especially is land is scarce. It offers a great sheltered area to load and unload your car. You can choose either a free standing car port or one that attaches to an existing building such as your home or garage. If you are looking for secure storage space as well you may consider buying a small shed or outdoor storage cabinet to lock away any expensive tools and outdoor play equipment. Alternatively you can purchase a range of car ports with optional secure storage rooms included.
Timber or Metal
Car Ports and garages are available in metal or wood. If you are planning to purchase a timber structure you must ensure that it has been made from pressure treated rot resistant timber. Unlike brick or metal garages, wooden garages ones are inherently condensation free and have natural insulation. Timber structures are far more likely to be in keeping with your garden design and will naturally be more pleasing on the eye. Timber car ports and garages are slightly more expensive than metal structures and will require some maintenance each year.
Metal garages provide an incredibly secure area for your car at a fraction of the price and require little/no maintenance. The same can be said for metal car ports which are becoming increasingly popular thanks to their price, easy assembly and durability.
Considerations before making your purchase:
What are you planning to use your car port or garage for?
Space and location
Future Plans – Are you likely to sell your house shortly? What will appeal more to any new buyer?
Whether you are looking for a dry parking space, a tool shed, home office or simply a safe and secure place to park your car, Jack’s garden store has the right solution for you. Check out our range of carports and garages that have been made to the highest standard.
Good Luck
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