7 Winter Gardening Tips

28 January 2012

Living in a temperate climate, many tend to think that vegetables only grow in the summer months, and really this couldn’t be further from the truth. Winter gardening that can produce fresh vegetables and decorative flowers year round. Here are a few winter gardening tips…

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You Don’t Need a Professional to Maintain Your Lawn

27 January 2012

A lawn that is properly maintained throughout the year will be lush and green once the weather turns warm. Here are some inexpensive tips to make that a reality…

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Why You Should Diversify Your Lawn – Top 5 Benefits

20 January 2012

Embracing a biodiverse garden takes a different way of thinking, but it includes multiple long-term benefits for your lawn. Here are just a few of those benefits…

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How to Multipurpose your Garden

13 January 2012

Have you ever considered transforming your garden it into a multipurpose space? There are some things you should keep in mind if you want to multipurpose an outdoor space. These pointers will help…

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How to ‘Winterise’ Your Garden

15 December 2011

Winter Gardening: we may not spend time outdoors during colder winter months, but it is still important to care for your garden. Here are a few important tips on how to ‘winterise’ your garden.

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Great Garden Ideas For Each Season Of The Year

14 December 2011

Great Garden Ideas: helpful tips to give you 365 days of beautiful, seasonal plants in your garden

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Tis the Season to Spread Holiday Cheer: Decorating your Garden for Christmas

12 December 2011

Winter is often a mixed bag for gardeners. Unpredictable weather can often wreak havoc on your plants. However, there’s one undeniable benefit to December gardening: you have the unique opportunity to creatively turn your garden into a beautiful Winter Wonderland

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Ten Natural Methods to Keep Critters Off Your Crops

11 December 2011

Here are some ways to keep animals out of your flowerbeds, without posing any harm to the environment.

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How to create a Bird-Friendly Garden

9 December 2011

Birds are among the most beautiful and elegant animals on the planet, which is why there’s nothing more relaxing and therapeutic than sitting in your garden and watching the birds frolic around. Here are 5 tips for creating a bird-friendly garden.

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How to Make Non-Toxic Garden Solutions

8 December 2011

Avoid the toxic garden products found in the shops and easily make your own non-toxic garden weed killer, pest repellant and fungicide. Find out how…

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