Customer Service Improvements at Jack’s Garden Store

25 April 2012

We’ve completely rewritten our Terms and Conditions and our Privacy Policy – with explanations (translations!) in plain English!

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How to beat the hosepipe ban (legally!)

12 April 2012

We’ve got a brand new product that will help you beat the hosepipe ban this summer. Introducing the the Hugo Collapsible Water Barrel. Find out more…

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How to get your kids growing fruit, vegetables and flowers in the garden

12 April 2012

Start a gardening project with your kids in the Spring and work together through the Summer – they will quickly learn a practical side of the old saying: “You reap what you sow”.

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How to light a chiminea safely

10 April 2012

Following last week’s horrible news of a Liverpool man suffering 30% burns, after trying to light his Chiminea with lawnmower petrol, I thought it would be a good idea to publish guidance on how to light a chiminea safely.

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8 Community Gardening Tips

5 April 2012

If you live in the city and would like to have more of a garden than you can get by planting tomatoes or petunias in a window sill planter, you may be interested in the concept of a community garden

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Botanical Gardens of Britain – Six of the Best

4 April 2012

A quick guide to six of the best botanical gardens in Great Britain

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Product Reviews and Product Questions – at Jack’s Garden Store

2 April 2012

We’ve recently introduced two new features to Jack’s Garden Store. Product Reviews and Product Questions. Find out more…

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Rich Sauce Recipes using Herbs from Your Garden

26 March 2012

Garden Herbs can be used in just about anything and everything! From cocktails to desserts and everything in between, fresh herbs truly make any recipe taste even better. Here are a few rich sauce recipes using fresh herbs from your garden. These sauces make for a delicious addition to any meal!

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Find a Garden Landscaper Who Shares Your Vision

13 February 2012

Landscaping can make your garden a source of constant joy and wonder; and it can yield a five-to-one return on your investment when you sell your home. However if you get it wrong, your landscaping project can become a living nightmare, Planning and preparation make all the difference. Find out more

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Aches, Pains, and Ageing: Adapting Your Garden Techniques

29 January 2012

If tending your garden is a challenge due to back strain, knee pain, or other health limitations, there’s no reason to give up gardening altogether! Here are some helpful ideas to combat aches, pains and ageing in the Garden

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