Smoking Shelters for Pubs

A smoking shelter will help keep your punters happy whilst they smoke outdoors. If you are planning to purchase one for your pub garden there are a number of different options available including large parasols, awnings, steel shelters and wooden gazebos. The most cost effective solution is a wooden gazebo with open sides. This type of structure will also look the most attractive in your pub garden.
Rules on smoking shelters
A smoking shelter is considered enclosed if the structure has a ceiling or roof and has sides that are enclosed on a permanent or temporary basis. To conform with smoking shelter guidelines 50% of your shelter must be open sided (this does not include the windows and doors.) You must ensure that your smoking shelter is distanced away from non-smoking areas so that second hand smoke does not drift inside your pub. Your smoking shelter must not be constructed next to an existing wall or another structure as this may affect air flow to the smoking shelter. If the smoking shelter is erected within 1.5m of a wall outdoors, this wall may be considered as part of the smoking shelter and therefore be counted within the shelters wall structure. The outdoor wall could take your smoking shelter to over the 50% enclosed allowance and therefore violate the rules.
Wooden smoking shelters
A gazebo has a roof to provide shelter and has open sides which will allow you to conform to the government guidelines above. Many pub landlords are using wooden gazebos to provide protected smoking areas for their customers. If you would like to learn more about wooden gazebos read Jacks gazebo guide. Outdoor heaters and seating can be used inside of the timber gazebo structure for added comfort. Another method of keeping your punters happy outdoors is to install an outdoor TV in your gazebo especially if your pub regularly shows sports matches. The increase in revenue from returning sports fans will far outweigh the cost of the TV.
There are many different styles of wooden gazebos available at Jacks Garden Store. Here you will find a reasonably priced timber structure that will blend easily into your pub garden. This is a large advantage over metal smoking shelters which look rather ugly and stand out. A wooden gazebo is also a far cheaper alternative than a metal shelter. Buy online now.
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