Fabulous Garden Toy Gift Ideas

Combine Outdoor Games and a Barbecue with Friends, Family and Neighbours

Although the cooler months are upon us, we can’t help but think of those warmer weather days that we enjoyed outside. For those that you know who enjoy spending time outdoors, in particular children, there are some great outdoor garden toys that would appeal to children and adults alike. Not only are garden toys available, but there are many exciting and fun games to play outdoors as well. Here are some wonderful garden toy and game gift ideas for those that truly enjoy spending their time outdoors.

Games to the Extreme

Giant Connect 4 Game, Garden Game, Gragen Toy
Giant Connect 4 Garden Game

Typically at many resorts, they have large lawn games which are enjoyed by many guests. Sometimes the game pieces are almost as tall as the guests! These types of games would make for fun outdoor activities to enjoy in your backyard while enjoying the gorgeous weather. A giant chess game, Connect4, giant draughts, or even a giant Jenga game all would make for exciting and fun garden toy gift ideas for anyone of any age. These giant games raise the fun factor to a while new level!

Lawn Games

Having an early spring barbeque or a get together with neighbors to enjoy the first day of summer? Get a competition going between guests by having a bocce ball tournament! Bocce ball is one of those infamous lawn games that everyone enjoys playing. You can carry on a conversation while playing, but it makes for a fun way to enjoy the afternoon. Perhaps, croquet would be better for the crowd or even a lively game of lawn darts. Even a traditional game of horseshoes provides hours of entertainment. Start a tradition at your first barbeque of the year by hosting a tournament of lawn games and you can be sure that everyone will want to make an appearance at your event! The best thing about these lawn games is that if you were thinking of giving them as a gift, most of the games come all together as a set! The game pieces usually come in their own bag with instructions. Sometimes a few of the games are grouped together to create a super set of lawn games. Any of these would make for a wonderful gift for those that not only like the outdoors, but enjoy a healthy competition as well!

Fun for the Kids

Giant Pick Up Sticks Game, Garden Game, Garden Toy
Giant Pick Up Sticks Game

Getting children outside and exercising is so important. But if you can make the exercise seem like fun, it is even better than. Try setting up an obstacle course in the backyard for them to enjoy with their friends and siblings. Sack races, ring tosses, limbo, and pick up stick games all would make for great garden toy gift ideas for kids. Then they could set up their own obstacles courses with their friends and every day could be a new adventure. Not only do garden games get the children to be active, but allows them to be imaginative as well!
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