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What is a gazebo?
A gazebo is a freestanding outdoor timber structure that has open sides and a roof. Gazebos provide shelter from the rain and sun allowing you to sit out and enjoy your garden whatever the weather. Gazebos are great for outdoor entertaining, they can provide a sheltered area for dining and relaxing outdoors.


There are a wide range of gazebos available to buy in many different styles. A gazebo not only offers a great place to sit outdoors but also adds character and beauty to your garden. It can be a great focal point in any garden.
Typically gazebos have a round base with six or more columns supporting the roof. Gazebos have open sides but you can choose a design with partially enclosed panelling or garden trellis sides. The advantages of having a gazebo with partially panelled sides is that the panelling helps to shelter you from the wind. Where as a gazebo with trellis sides allows you to train climbing plants up and around your timber structure which will add beauty to your garden.
Decorating  your gazebo
You can create an extremely romantic setting in your garden with a gazebo allowing you to spend time outdoors with a loved one. It’s open yet enclosed design shelters you from the elements whilst still allowing you to look out and enjoy your garden. As mentioned above you can train plants to climb over your gazebo and also hang baskets and decorate the base with potted plants adding to the look and feel of your gazebo.
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