What is the difference between a Summerhouse and a Gazebo?

Summerhouses and gazebo’s are both wonderful timber structures that can look fabulous in your garden. Not only do they both create a wonderful focal point but they also off a sheltered spot to sit relax and enjoy the views across your garden. However there are a couple of differences between the two types of garden building.
What is a gazebo?
A gazebo is a timber garden building with a roof that provides shelter and shade. A gazebo is not a completely enclosed garden building. Some gazebos have no side panels whilst others have half panelling or completely panelled sides on part of the structure. You can choose how you would want the sides of your gazebo to be depending on the level of enclosure and shelter you are after. Many gazebos are available with trellis panelling so that you can train plants to grow up and around the structure. A gazebo unlike a summerhouse will not have a door or any fitted windows.
What is a Summerhouse?
Put simply a summerhouse is a more attractive shed! A summerhouse is a wooden structure that has a complete roof, sides and doors at the point of entry. Most summerhouses have plenty windows to allow light to flood into the garden building.
One main difference between sitting inside a summerhouse and sitting inside a gazebo is that once inside a summerhouse you will feel as though you are indoors whilst you will always feel as though you are outdoors in a gazebo.
A summerhouse enables you to enjoy your garden even in the colder months when it would be too cold to simply sit outdoors exposed to the elements. Whilst a gazebo offers a more relaxing and spacious outdoors seating area which is more pleasant during the hotter summer months.
Think carefully about what type of timber building you are after, when you are planning to use it and the space you have for it in your garden. If you have a large garden why not buy both to allow you to sit out and enjoy your garden almost all of the year round!
Today there are is a huge variety of summerhouses and gazebos available, both are pretty similar in price and both become more expensive as you increase the size and the quality of your outdoor timber structure.
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