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Grow Your Own

You may not be able to compete with the 1,100 square foot vegetable 'patch' in the White House back garden, but with our extensive Grow Your Own section you can certainly give your 'good life' aspirations a try!

Look no further for all you need to become self sufficient. Plant some fruit or vegetables in one of our heavy duty, raised planters or in a coldframe, turn your food waste into compost in one of our great value composters to keep your plants well fed and use one of our good quality, galvanized steel hose reels to keep them well watered. Sorted.

How lovely to have your very own fruit and vegetables at your fingertips.

And if cooking isn't your thing, I have a great idea for using your fruit and veg that doesn't involve cooking - cocktails. What better way to reap the benefits of all your hard work in the garden?!

Check out my blog for some vegetable cocktail ideas - Carrot & Ginger Splash Followed by a Pepper & Gratefruit Cocktail, Add a Cherry, and That's Your 5-a-Day Sorted


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