What is a Garden Arbour?

A traditional garden arbour is a sheltered garden seat that includes support for climbing plants to grow up and around.
Steel Arbours – This type is strong and durable and will require very little maintenance.
Wooden Arbours – Look wonderful in your garden thanks to being produced from natural materials, a timber arbour will blend easily into your gardens backdrop. Some maintenance required you will need to varnish this timber arbour yearly.
There are so many different styles of arbour available, you can choose from apex roof arbours or curved roof arbours, flat backed structures, ones with lots of trellis to grow climbing plants and also the more elaborate corner arbours that are the largest type of arbour available.
An arbour will look great in your garden, it not only provides a place to sit and relax sheltered from the sun, it also acts as an attractive focal point in your garden thanks to it’s design and the ability to grow climbing plants up and around it’s structure. A garden arbour will allow you to add height to your garden design.
Check out the full range of garden arbours available at Jacks Garden Store. If you are considering a slightly larger structure you may want to check out our fabulous range of gazebos. Not only does a gazebo provide a wonderful sheltered area, you can train your plants to grow on the garden trellis attached creating a magnificent focal point in your garden.
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