Need a place to relax – Buy a Summerhouse

Have you ever stomped from one room to the next in your home looking for a tranquil place to sit and unwind for a meager 15 minutes?
As your family grows you will inevitably feel your house shrink. Computer games and music will bellow from your children’s bedrooms. Dogs will bark and your partner will watch television at an unreasonable volume level.Before you explode consider a summerhouse as the perfect solution!
A summerhouse in your garden offers a unique idyllic escape from the chaos of everyday life and you need only walk down your garden path to find it! There are a wide range of sizes available from small to much larger living spaces that could be shared with others if you are feeling generous. Traditional summerhouses are rectangular and have plenty of windows allowing light to flood into your living space. You can purchase corner summer houses if your garden is small and space is scarce. Octagonal summerhouses are also available and look rather impressive in any garden.
Depending on your budget you can buy a small basic summerhouse at a reasonable price, and as your budget increases so does the size of the summerhouse. Other benefits also become available when you are prepared to spend a little more such as insulation thus meaning that you can spend time in your summerhouse all year round.
Each summerhouse generally has two windowed double doors allowing easy access and plenty of windows on the front walls to allow light to flood in.Many are available with roofs that slightly overhang offering shelter and shade when you want to sit outdoors. You can purchase a summerhouse with a verandah if your garden is large enough to accommodate one. Think carefully about what space you have available, if you buy a summerhouse that is too big for your garden it will look out of place and rather overbearing!
On the other hand taking the time to buy the right size will benefit the overall appearance of your garden and add to it’s charm.
Instead of you using the summerhouse as a retreat the alternative is to turn it into a games room for your children and allow them to play their music, computer games ad guitars at the bottom end of your garden to their hearts content. This allows you to reinstall tranquility into  your home and peace and quiet.
Buying a summerhouse is the cheapest way of increasing the living space in your home, at Jack’s Garden Store there is a wide range of summerhouses available online to purchase check out our fantastic range of garden buildings.
I also have compiled so further information on summerhouses which you should read before you buy a summerhouse.
Good luck
Gardener Jack!

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  1. Have to admit I've always wanted a summer house, somewhere we can really unwind and enjoy the sun.

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