How to use trellis in your garden

Trellis allows you to grow climbing plants which are a great feature in any garden big or small. They can add depth and cover old fencing or help to create different areas within your garden. They also provide privacy which can be highly beneficial especially in built up areas.
How to
The best way to grow climbing plants is to use garden trellis. This can either be attached to a wall or fence panel and provides your plants with a solids secure structure to climb around. Buying planters with trellis are another great way of adding height to your garden. Planters with trellis give you far more freedom to choose where you want to grow your climbing plants as the trellis does not have to be secured to an existing structure.

  • Start training your plants to grow up and around trellis when they are small. Attach string around the plant and the trellis to ensure they remain close at the onset.
  • If you plan to grow vegetables with trellis, the trellis will give you easier access to the fruits of your labour as well as reducing the amount of rotten fruit or vegetables as the plant has less contact with the soil. More air can circulate around your vegetable when grown in this manner which will result in healthier fruits and better veggies!

Trellis essentials

  • Do not put trellis up in a windy area of your garden, try to find a sheltered spot.
  • You will need to spend time initially training your plats to climb
  • If you are planning to grow heavy fruit and vegetables on trellis you will need to check that they are being fully supported on a regular basis.
  • More watering is required for climbing plants as this growth technique enables quicker water absorption.

Jacks top climbing plant for 2010
Lophospermum – Begin by planting seeds in 7.5-10cm pots under cover in pots and plant out in late May. I would advise using a planter with trellis which will allows the new shoots to twine around the structure and grow vertically. Throughout summer you will be rewarded with trumpet shaped flowers.
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Good luck
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