Garden Mirrors – How to maximise your outdoor space

Garden mirrors allow you to create the illusion of far more space in a small garden. The mirror will add depth to your garden and make it feel much larger.
Outdoor mirrors add style and sophistication to a garden when placed at the end of a walkway they reflect light and the feeling of space. When placed behind a flower bed they can make your foliage seem endless and create a really enchanting atmosphere.
Large lattice garden mirrors will immediately make your garden feel bigger than it really is. The lattice structure allows you to grow climbing flowers which will partially cover the mirror and help it to blend into your garden.
Top garden designers use garden mirrors to create space and hide any unsightly wall or fence panels. Check our the range of garden mirrors at Jacks Garden Store where you will find large mirrors, small mirrors, Tudor mirrors and Gothic garden mirrors. Our range of lightweight outdoor mirrors are ideal for fixing against a wall, behind trellis or a flower bed.
Garden mirrors are made from acrylic and do not shatter. They are easy to clean and maintain.
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