Gardeners guide to dealing with snow – Looking after your plants and wildlife

With snow forecast again this week many gardeners will be keeping indoors, gardens across the UK will remain untouched until the snow clears. However surprisingly there are a few vital jobs worth venturing outdoors for if you are feeling brave enough!
Shrubs and Trees
The snow can have a damaging affect on your shrubs and trees, it can cause branches to become overloaded and break. Try to brush off any snow from your trees, shrubs and climbers with covered hands or a broom. Check the ties on all climbing plants as some may have broken due to the excess weight caused by the snow and replace where necessary.
Birds and other wildlife help your garden. At this time of year they will be struggling to find food and water. Put extra food on your bird table and unfreeze your bird baths.
If you keep any other animals in your garden such as chickens, check that they have a sufficient supply of unfrozen water and give them extra bedding and food during the cold spell.
A wormery is a great addition to any garden and is pretty self sufficient throughout the year. During a cold spell however you will need to move the wormery into a shed, garage or sheltered spot in your garden. Wrap an old blanket or newspaper around the structure for insulation. Your worms will survive freezing conditions but will stop eating at temperatures below 3C. Do not give them food waste until the temperature warms up. If you can store your food waste until the weather improves. For more tips and advice on looking after your wormery read Jack’s guide to keeping a wormery.
Do take care to wrap up when venturing outdoors at this time of year, not only will this be beneficial to your health but will also ensure that any outdoor jobs you need to carry out are more pleasurable and less of a chore. Check out the wide range of wellington boots available at Jack’s garden store to keep your feet nice and dry during the snow and wet weather.
Good Luck
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