Reduce your carbon footprint – How your garden can help

by Jack Gardener on February 5, 2010 · 2 comments

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Recently the media has been full of stories about our carbon footprint. We all need to work together in reducing each one in order to reduce the level of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

What is your carbon footprint?
Essentially a carbon footprint is the measurement of all of our activities which have an impact on the environment. It measures the amount of greenhouse gases produced throughout our day to day lives when we burn fossil fuels for heating, electricity and transportation.It is measured in units of tonnes (or kg) of carbon dioxide equivalent.

There are two parts to your carbon foot print:
The primary footprint – which measures our direct emissions of CO2 produced by our energy consumption and transportation choices. All of these areas by which we use fossil fuel are area’s that we have direct control over.

The secondary footprint – This measures our indirect CO2 emissions created via the things that we buy, their manufacture and eventual breakdown. Many sites now offer carbon footprint calculators where by you can view your own footprint. Here you will see that in essence the more that you buy the larger your footprint and negative effect on the environment.

There are many ways in which you can reduce your carbon footprint and help the environment. Your garden can help hold the key to your success.

  • Planting trees – Trees not only absorb CO2 but also provide fantastic shelter and food for local wildlife.
  • Composting – Installing a composter in your garden and filling it with your food and garden waste will reduce the amount of waste going into landfill and also the journeys taken buy the refuse collectors in order to get it there. It will also provide you with organic rich nutrients for your garden. Jack’s garden store offers a wonderful range of composters and wormeries which will enable you to get started immediately.
  • Growing your own fruit and veg – Think of all of the food miles saved if every fruit and vegetable you needed was at the bottom of your garden. Even the smallest of gardens can have pots and planters filled with yummy seasonal delights that should keep you going all year round.Visit my range of herb and vegetable starter kits to get you off to a great start. If space or time is an issue and you feel unable to grow all of your own vegetables try using a local farm shop or market instead of the supermarket to buy your vegetables which will help keep the food miles down. Also buy only seasonal fruit and vegetables.
  • Washing Line – Invest in a washing line! Each time you turn on your tumble drier CO2 emissions are being pumped out of your home.
  • Swing and climbing frame – Think of the hours of emission free fun your children can have using play equipment in your back garden.Creating more activities to do at home will help you spend less time in the car travelling to the park or to other events such as bowling or the cinema. Save events such as these for special occasions. Getting you children to play outdoors instead of sat at a computer console will not only be beneficial to the environment but also to your children’s well being as it will enable them to get the exercise that so many children are now lacking.
  • Recycle – Recycling reduces the amount of waste that goes into our landfill sites. Although recycling bins can often seem rather unsightly,there are now a wide range of recycling bin stores available to keep your garden looking neat and tidy whilst you do your bit for the environment.
  • Water barrel – Collect rain water and use this to water your garden.

Good luck

Gardener Jack!

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