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Why not kick start 2010 by growing your own sprouted seeds, not only good for the body but also for the mind. Sprouting seeds help boost your immune system, bring extra fibre and vitamins into your diet as well as countering stress and improving your digestion. Sprouting seeds are a wonderful superfood rich in antioxidants.

Read my simple growing guide and find out how easy it is to grow this superfood at any time of the year!

Jam Jar
Sprouting seeds

How to grow

  1. Firstly put the seeds into a sieve and wash with cold fresh water. Transfer the seeds into a dish with tepid water and allow them to soak overnight.
  2. On day 2 drain the seeds and put into a large jar, allowing three quarters of the jar to remain empty. During germination the seeds will swell and increase dramatically in size. Cover the jar with a small square of fabric and hold in place with an elastic band. Fill the jar with water and then drain again.
  3. Place the jam jar in a warm dark spot such as your airing cupboard and rinse with clean water twice a day. Jacks top tip – You can use a sunny windowsill if you do not have a warm dark place in your home. Although darker spots create stronger tastier seeds, placing your seeds anywhere warm will have the desired effect.
  4. When the seeds germinate, move them to a warm sunny spot that is not in direct sunlight and continue to rinse daily.
  5. Harvest the seeds once the shoots are 2-4cm long. They can be kept refrigerated for up to 4 days.

If you are successful in growing your own sprouted seeds and want to try your hand at other great superfoods rich in vitamins and nutrients give, alfalfa, aduki beans, sprouting broccoli, rocket or radish’s a try. Each food will only take a week or so to grow and will taste fantastically fresh and tasty.

For a great variety of different seeds and herb kits check out Jacks garden store!

Good luck

Gardener Jack

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