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In many areas across the UK, local councils have introduced the wheelie bin in order to reduce litter, improve tidiness and make it easier for residents and bin men to move our household rubbish.  Unfortunately looks were never high on the agenda during the manufacturing process and these bins have now become an unsightly addition to so many front gardens in Britain.

Whether you love or loath these plastic bins they are here to stay and luckily for you there are a number of products available which can help you to cover these ugly refuse bins and keep your garden looking lovely.

Firstly let’s look at bin screens, these stylish standalone timber products are the most cost effective method of hiding your wheelie bin. You will find screens available in a wide variety of materials including willow, pine and cedar. Choose the material that will look the most natural in your garden backdrop. You can purchase screens for either single or double bin stores depending on your requirements.

The next slightly more expensive option is the wheelie bin store, again this can be purchased to hold one, two or even three wheelie bins and is ideal for hiding away these unsightly bins. A bin store offers a more secure place for your bins to be kept that can be locked. Each store generally has a hinged opening lid and front door allowing easy access. Roofs are slanted to ensure that rainwater runs off and not collects inside.

When you have decided what type of storage unit you would like you must consider what available space you have outdoors for it. You will need good access and room to manoeuvre the bin in and out of the store, on a weekly basis for collection and almost daily to fill with household rubbish. Make sure that the location you choose is flat and has plenty of space around it for you to open and close the store door.

This is not a product you are likely to handle with great care so do make sure you buy a quality item that can handle a few knocks as you take your bin in and out. A strong durable timber construction that has been made and treated against rot is the best option.

Do ensure that the product you buy is made from FSC approved environmentally friendly timber that has been manufactured from a sustainable source. Wheelie bins are made to help the environment we need to make sure that we are also doing our bit when it comes to storing them too!

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