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Many of us forget about the greenhouse at this time of year. With winter in full swing venturing outdoors can be a cold and rather depressing experience.
Your greenhouse however will be at its emptiest at this time of year making it an ideal time to clean. It provides a sheltered environment in which you can work during the wetter months. Why not get ahead of yourself this year and carry out essential maintenance on your greenhouse so that when spring does come around you will be ready to get growing!

It is vital that you keep your greenhouse clean and tidy in order to prevent pests and diseases spreading. An annual clean will help maintain the structure of your greenhouse and help to prevent rotting if your structure is a timber one. Cleaning dirty windows will help your greenhouse to look fresh and allow maximum light to get through to young seedlings which is vital as less light can lead to straggly plants.

Exterior Cleaning and Maintenance

  • Check for any broken or cracked window panels and replace where necessary. Make sure you wear protective goggles and gloves whilst doing this task.
  • Wash the glass panes with warm soapy water and a sponge. You can attach the sponge to a garden cane or broom handle in order to reach the higher roof panels.
  • Turn your hose to a gentle jet wash in order to clean under the window panel joints removing any build up of dirt.
  • Once the window panes have dried you can now attach bubble wrap to the windows which will insulate your garden building and help to protect any plants you are overwintering. This will also help your greenhouse to heat up more rapidly and for longer in the springtime too!
  • Once the timber frames has been cleaned, paint with wood preserve to protect and preserve the timber.
  • If your greenhouse is currently empty open all of the windows and vents allowing fresh air inside. (If you do have any form of life in your greenhouse wait until a warm day to do this.)

Interior Cleaning and Maintenance

  • Firstly switch off any electricity running in to your greenhouse.
  • Remove all pots, containers, tools and shelving. Any plants need to be moved indoors into either your shed or garage whilst the cleaning is taking place.
  • Throw out any used grow bags.
  • Weed the plant beds.
  • Use water and a mild disinfectant to clean the floor including the path and brick walls.
  • Sterilise containers, propagation benches and staging.
  • Replace capillary matting.
  • Check that all vents and watering systems are working correctly and efficiently.

Good Luck

Gardener Jack

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