Top tips on how to organise your garden shed.

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Do you yearn for your shed to become a clean tidy place in which you keep your gardening tools and equipment?

Like so many other people, your garden shed has probably become a cluttered outdoor cupboard stacked to the rafters with bits and pieces. Every time you want to reach a certain item you can guarantee its stuck in the furthest corner underneath stacks of play equipment and bags of compost. Organising your garden shed will enable you to access your lawn mower and other gardening equipment and tools with ease. A day spent sorting and de-cluttering will allow you to enjoy a tidy working and storage space for the next year.

Cleaning and Organising

Book a full day in your diary to start the clean up and start early.

1.The first task is to take everything out and organise your items into groups:

  • Rubbish
  • Power Tools
  • Garden tools, long handled and short handled
  • Watering cans, hosepipes and other watering equipment
  • Bagged soil, compost, fertilizer and grass seed etc
  • Pots and tubs
  • Bikes, and children’s play equipment including paddling pools
  • Sports equipment including tennis rackets, balls and cricket sets etc

2. Throw out the rubbish pile.

3. Give your garden shed a good spring clean, don’t worry about being too thorough just make sure the floor is swept, the surfaces are washed down and any windows are cleaned.

4.Take time to think about organising your shed, Do you have enough shelves to neatly stack many items? Can I add hooks to a wall to hang my tools?

Here are some of my top tips for organising your shed:

  • Plastic ice cream tubs and old take-away containers can be labelled and are great for keeping small items such as rubber bands or string safe.
  • Shelving enables you to have great surface space and utilise the walls in your shed.
  • Hooks and Pegs are brilliant for hanging tools and other items such as watering cans or hosepipes.
  • Tool Boxes will keep all of your tools in one safe place.

5. Put everything you want to keep back inside of your shed but aim to keep everything organised in groups so that you remember what is where. Items that you will use regularly such as the lawn mower should be kept close to the door and be easy to manoeuvre in and out.

If you are a slightly unorganised individual, like me, the likelihood is that come next spring you will have to complete this task again. Do try to put things back in the same spot each time you use a gardening utensil. The longer you can work in this way, the longer your shed will remain tidy and organised!

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Good Luck

Gardener Jack

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Jack Gardener has been gardening all his life, and is passionate about passing on his experience to the next generation of gardeners.

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