Choosing the perfect Carport

There is a vast range of carports available, this guide is here to help you decipher some of the technical terms and find out which type is best for you.
Here are some of the main factors to consider before you begin looking for a car port:

  • Do you want the structure to be permanent or temporary?
  • What size is your car? Do you plan to change your car in the near future?
  • Are you looking for a single or double car port?
  • What is your budget?

Car ports are available in metal, timber or canvas. If you are looking for a permanent structure wood or metal are the best materials to buy.
Metal Carport
A metal car port is strong and can easily withstand bad weather. You can choose an A line or flat roof and whether you want the car port attached to your home or garage or freestanding. Metal car ports are available in steel or aluminium with the latter being the more lightweight and cheaper option.
Steel Carports – Are strong, extremely durable and maintenance free however because of these factors a steel carport is the most expensive. Choose a galvanised steel as this coating will resist rusting and damage from the elements.
Aluminium Carports – Are great if you are looking for a cheaper more lightweight option. They are easy to assemble and can be portable. You can purchase carports where the whole structure is aluminium or alternatively only the supports are made from Aluminium and the roof is made from a vinyl or heavy duty canvas.
Timber Carport
Wooden car ports are more attractive and will look better either attached to your home or as freestanding structures. The timber can be painted or stained to match your home and look more in keeping with your surroundings. Wood is a strong material that can withstand bad weather. Do make sure that the wood has been pressure treated and is rot resistant.
Timber car ports do require some maintenance, you will have to seal the structure in order to protect it from sun damage, rain and insects every couple of years. You will also need to stain it annually to keep it looking its best.
Canvas Carport
Canvas Carports are more of a temporary portable structure. These car port sets include PVC or aluminium support poles and a canvas canopy tent.
Carports can vary vastly in price, size, style, type of construction and material it’s made from. There will be one available to suit your needs. Check out the fantastic range available from Jack’s Garden Store. You will also find a fantastic range of wooden garages also avaialable.

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  1. This is one of the best list of carport features I've seen. Sometimes it's hard to know what you should get with so many choices, but you lay out very clearly the advantages of each.

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