What is the difference between an Arbour and a Pergola?

Arbours and Pergolas are both wonderful timber structures that can be used to add height and a completely new dimension to your garden.
An Arbour is a covered outdoor seat. It can also be described as a garden building or structure. Arbours can be made from many different materials. However, they are typically constructed of timber with either lattice or willow work on the frame which is intended to be covered with climbing plants. An Arbour provides a shady resting place outdoors.
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A Pergola on the other hand is a pillared passageway that supports cross beams and a sturdy lattice which can be covered with climbing plants. Pergolas can vary hugely in size from the smallest path coverings to very grand long passageways or attachments to the side of your property. Pergolas do not usually have a seating area. Some times people often refer to garden pergolas in the same breath as garden arches. They are practically the same thing.
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Both garden structures allow you to climb plants over them enabling you to create a wonderful focal point in your garden that also provides you with shade on a hot summer’s day.
What to consider when buying an Arbour

  • Check the latticework – Will it be strong enough to support your climbing plants?
  • Do you want to cover the lattice with climbing plants or simply enjoy the design of the garden trellis and leave it as the focal point?
  • Consider how many people you would like to sit on the arbour – a larger corner arbour may be appropriate if you have a large family or like to entertain outdoors.
  • Choose the material – metal or timber. Metal requires little maintenance whilst timber will need to be treated annually.
  • Style – If you are looking for a rustic seat choose a mature timber arbour, if your garden has more of a country cottage feel you may prefer to choose a painted timber frame or alternatively if you want a contemporary modern look opt for metal.

What to consider when buying a Pergola

  • Consider what type of ground you plan to erect the pergola on – different surfaces i.e. decking, grass or concrete require a different form of fixing.
  • What are you planning to use the pergola for –is it as a covered walkway or cover over your patio? There are many different sizes available to suit your needs.
  • Choose the material – Pergola’s are available made from timber or metal. Timber frames will look very natural and will blend easily into your gardens backdrop however do consider that the pillars may warp and each year you will have to paint and care for the timber. Metal frames on the other hand require little/no maintenance but they are often more expensive and not as attractive to some as a timber structure.

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Good luck finding the perfect structure for your garden
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