Chicken Breeds – Choosing the right type

Are you interested in raising chickens at home and producing your own eggs?
Keeping chickens is a great hobby that the whole family can get involved in however it is important that you do your research first to make sure you buy the right chickens for you.
There are 4 main reasons as to why people want to keep chickens:
1. Simply as pets
2. For fresh free range eggs
3. To eat
4. To compete and show at competitions
Rearing chickens is a great way of teaching your children about responsibility and pet care. They will also find searching for eggs fun and rewarding.
There are many breeds of chicken and depending on your reason for keeping them there will be a certain type of chicken that is most suitable for your requirements.
If you are simply looking to rear them as pets then it does not matter which breed you choose. If however you want to receive eggs then you can choose a breed depending on its egg colour and also its egg-laying capabilities. Raising chickens purely to eat them is fine, just remember not to become too attached to the birds, choose a large breed and do not give the chicken’s personalised names.
Before choosing a chicken breed think really hard about why you want to keep chicken’s, how many you want to keep and what space you have to keep them safe, exercised and well cared for.
Chicken Breeds:
Bantums – These attractive fellows are renowned for being stubborn. They like to fly around and do lay eggs but in very small quantities.
Reds – Are incredibly easy to tame and good in colder climates. They also produce a great deal of eggs
Silkies and Pekins – Both lay lots of eggs and have many colours.
Americauna’s – Are probably the most beautiful breed. Their feathers are dark and golden and their beaks are curved (similar to that of a Falcon). These birds are hardy and can withstand cold temperatures however the downside is that they do not lay many eggs.
Cornish Cross – This is a cross breed of a White Cornish and a White Plymouth Rock.  A Cornish Cross grows quickly and will become a heavy bird great for eating.
Plymouth Rocks and Sussex birds – Offer both fast egg production and are larger species making them a good choice for consumption.
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