Can You Put a Hot Tub in a Log Cabin?

IMG_0674Oh yes. Definitely. Loving that idea.

There’s nothing like a bit of self-indulgence.

Where better to end a stressful day than relaxing in a tub of bubbles, drinking bubbles?

A log cabin is a great place for a hot tub.

It gives you that bit of privacy, away from prying eyes of neighbours. And it means you can get all year round use of the tub whatever the weather.

So what things should you consider?

Getting The Hot Tub Into the Cabin

Be diligent with measurements.

It might be stating the blimming obvious but, when choosing a cabin, make sure the doors are big enough to get the hot tub through. Cabins with bi-folding doors will make things easier.

And some cabins with side verandahs lend themsleves perfectly to hot tubs:

Oasis Log Cabin 28mm







Torquay 44 Log Cabin 44mm






There is  always the option of building your cabin around the hot tub. But do bear in mind if you need to remove the tub for any reason that could cause issues.

Weight of the Hot Tub

Hot tubs are heavy. Hot tubs with water in them are even heavier.

A cabin with a sturdy, strong base and floor is therefore imperative.

To give you an idea:

2-3 person hot tub:

  • approx 317kg empty
  • approx 1,519 kg (1.5 tonnes) when filled with water

7 person hot tub:

  • approx 415kg (nearly 1/2 tonne)
  • appox 2041kg (2 tonnes) when filled with water

And don’t forget to throw the weight of the people who are going to be enjoying the hot tub into the mix!


It’s important to ventilate the cabin to prevent damage from the condensation created by steam from the hot tub.

  • -airAir Vents you need a minimum of two, ideally installed towards the top of opposite walls – these will allow air circulation in the cabin and create a drier atmosphere. Make sure the vents are mesh backed to keep insects out!
  • Opening windows and doors  – an easy way of letting any steam out when you’ve finished in the hot tub. And on warmer days you could leave them open while you use it.
  • Use an insulated cover for your hot tub and keep this on when you are not using it to stop steam escaping, so preventing condensation (this also has the added benefit of keeping your tub hot, so you you use less electricity heating it!)

Top tip: treating the interior walls as well as the exterior with stain or paint will help prevent the build up of moisture.

Electricity Supply

You will need electricity connected to your log cabin to supply the hot tub.

Always consult a professional electrician for advice and to carry out any electrical work.

  • electrical supply required is 16, 20, or 32 amps, depending on the model
  • electricity consumption is 15 kw per day

For handy advice see How Much Does it Cost to Run a Hot Tub?

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