How to Connect your Log Cabin Garden Office to the Internet

-officeOther than a kettle, a garden office would be lost without a reliable internet connection.

The easiest solution would be to extend the Wi-Fi signal from your broadband router in your house to the office.

The disadvantage of this, however, is that in a majority of cases the signal won’t be strong enough to reach.

Or, if it does, it would be very weak and unreliable which would make it difficult to work – resulting in much swearing no doubt :-/

Here are some solutions that will overcome this:

Wi-Fi Extender

  • A way of connecting your existing Wi-Fi network and extending the signal.
  • This creates a hotspot or bridge between the main router and the log cabin.
  • Plug the extender into a mains socket in your house that is as near to the cabin as possible.
  • This  will “bounce” the signal and creates an additional Wi-Fi network which you can connect to in the cabin.
  • Advantages: Cheap and quick to install
  • Disadvanges: Effective within a relatively short range – around 30m- so only suitable for garden offices close to the house

Wi-Fi Point to Point

  • Similar to a Wi-Fi extender but more advanced.
  • Two units are required – one attached to your house and one attached to your log cabin.
  • The unit attached to your house is connected to your home Wi-Fi network.
  • This transmits a signal to the second unit on your log cabin.
  • It’s important there is a clear line of sight between the two units for the signal to work most efficiently and prevent interference from trees, shrubs and other garden buildings.
  • Advantages: Reliable and effective with a greater range over longer distances compared with a Wi-Fi extender
  • Disadvantages: More expensive option as it is slightly more involved to install – some configuration may be needed – so will probably require a professional (newer systems, however, are available already configured which would enable you to get connected a lot easier).
  • Price range: £100+

Powerline Networking

  • A simple way to get internet connection in your log cabin.
  • Creates a secondary network built on your home’s existing system.
  • IMG_3185Powerline adapters send the signal from your router through your cabin’s electricity supply by an electric power cable between your house and the cabin.
  • Consists of 2 adapters and 2 ethernet (also known as network) cables.
  • Plug one adapter into a socket in your house and use the ethernet cable supplied to connect it to the WiFi router – this allows the network data to travel via the electrical system to the receiving adapter in the cabin.
  • Plug the second adapter into a socket in the log cabin and use the ethernet cable to attach it to your computer or cabin-based WiFi router for a wireless connection.
  • Advantages: Relatively cheap and easy to install generally not requiring professional installation
  • Disadvantages: Only works if the electricity supply in the log cabin comes from the same distribution box as your house.

Ethernet Cable

  • An ethernet cable is run from your internet router in the house to the log cabin.
  • This can be plugged directly into a PC or laptop, or into a switch for connecting multiple devices, or into another Wi-Fi router.
  • It would be make sense to run the ethernet cable at the same time as the power cables when supplying electricity to the log cabin ensuring there is a 30cm gap between the power and ethernet cables to prevent interference, especially over a long distance.
  • Make sure the exposed cable between the house and log cabin is buried deep underground so there’s no danger of it being accidentally severed by digging – as a precaution, this may require a professional installation.
  • Advantages: Considered the best option for a reliable, fast and secure internet connection.

** Please note we are not IT specialists and these are just suggestions


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