Tis the Season to Spread Holiday Cheer: Decorating your Garden for Christmas

Poinsettias for Christmas
Poinsettias for Christmas

Winter is often a mixed bag for gardeners. Yes, there’s less upkeep; but unpredictable weather and sharp frosts can often wreak havoc on your plants. However, there’s one undeniable benefit to December gardening: you have the unique opportunity to creatively turn your garden into a beautiful Winter Wonderland, full of little surprises and emanating a sense of holiday cheer that will delight the whole neighborhood.

Seasonal Plants

First of all, liven up your garden with seasonal holiday plants. Poinsettias are a great start, and they’re instantly recognizable. They’re also cheap enough so that you can line a porch or walkway with them without feeling guilty. However, are not the most hearty of vegetation options, generally purchased to last the holiday season before hitting the curb. If longer-lasting holiday plants are more in line with your style, try a fragrant gardenia, or a vivid orchid.

Christmas Lights

Next, line your garden with Christmas lights. Yes, it’s the most obvious step to take when you’re holiday decorating; but Christmas lights are so easy, beautiful, and effective that they should not be overlooked. The best news is, there’s now an array of eco-friendly Christmas lights to choose from, which will save you money on energy while remaining low-impact on the environment. When purchasing Christmas lights, look for LED bulbs or an ENERGY STAR label, which uses 75% less energy than regular Christmas lights. Also consider equipping your lights with timers, so that they will not be sucking energy throughout the wee hours of the morning.

Subtle, Classic Decoration

And now for the finishing touches: those little signs of Yuletide cheer that will send Saint Nick to your home with a smile. Look beyond the store-bought plastic Santas or nativity scenes, which can cheapen your garden or come across as trite. Instead, opt for subtle, classic, and whimsical decorations, like red and green , bright, glittering snowflakes, and handmade wreaths. Consider hanging a “clothesline” between two trees and decorating it with stockings, elf hats, and other items from Santa’s workshop.

Christmas Spirit

In fact, if you have children, your garden is the perfect place to strategically add increasing evidence of  “elf activity.” Hang large candy canes from the trees and throw glitter on the bushes. Choose one tree or plant and add an ornament every day, until by Christmas, it’s full. String jingle-bell garlands throughout the yard. The dose of Christmas spirit you’re providing your young ones will remind you what the season is all about: warmth, excitement, and a belief in magic.
No matter how you decide to decorate your garden for Christmas, keep one thing paramount: make sure to have fun! The holiday is all about spreading cheer, and if you choose your garden decorations with love, you can’t help but bring a warm Christmas smile to the faces of your friends, family, and neighbors.

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  1. I love the eco-friendly LED lights. First of all I love how different and beautiful they glow. Secondly, even although they’re a tad bit more expensive, they last a lot longer and reduce the energy use. Win-win 🙂

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