Wonderful Winter Garden Ideas

Garden arch
Garden arch

Your garden needn’t be drab and dull during the cold winter months. Find out how to brighten up your winter garden using a variety of pots, planters and colourful seasonal plants.
Winter Garden Ideas

  • Use large brightly coloured pots to plant out winter plants. A bold blue pot will look fabulous filled with plants such as cyclamen and gaultheria procumbens.
  • Grow a holly bush – the red berries will look glorious in your garden.
  • Fill your planters with Skimmia Japonica Rubella ‘Japanese Skimmia’ – this wonderful winter plant has dark green leaves and red and white flowers.
  • Mahonia Media charity ‘Mahonia’ can be grown in 2/3 litre plant pots and produce wonderful spiny long pinnate leaves with long fragrant yellow flowers. This is a great winter shrub that flowers from December to February.
  • The Christmas Rose ‘Helleborous Niger’ produces bold clumps of evergreen foliage with beautiful white flowers and flowers from January to March.
  • Filling your borders with Evergreens will keep your garden looking healthy and alive during the cold winter months. Evergreens such as English Ivy and Wisteria are great winter proof vines.
  • Grow Jasmine up and over an arbour or garden arch, the bright yellow flowers will help bring colour and life into your garden.

There are also a number of vegetable that can be grown during the winter in a vegetable planter, raised bed or in your vegetable patch. Cabbage, Kale, Brussel Sprouts and Cauliflower are all members of the Brassica family and are easy to grow in the winter. You should plant them in July or September and harvest them in winter or the early spring.

Vegetable box
Vegetable box

Visit Jacks Garden Store to find a wide range of garden pots and planters. Within this online store you can also purchase greenhouses and cold frames that will help protect your less hardy plants during the colder winter months. We also offer a great range of Haxnicks frost protection products that will help you to protect entire flower beds.
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  1. Actually, mother nature herself wants the winter to be full of colors, that's why the flowers that bloom during winters are vibrant and beautiful. Thus, one should prepare the garden area accordingly to welcome the Christmas.

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