Maximising the benefits of insulated garage door for keen gardeners

Installing insulated roller garage doors increases storage options in your garage, opportunities that wouldn’t otherwise be available to you.


Insulated Roller Garage Doors
Insulated Roller Garage Doors

Now is the time when many gardeners are digging up plants and bulbs which have given a good show of colour in the summer but which need a little protection to ensure that when the next season comes around they will be in good condition for planting. The extra warmth an insulated garage door provides will ensure lilies, agapanthus and dahlias to name a few, benefit from being kept in a controlled environment ready for the next year. Insulated garage doors offer the peace of mind that treasured plants will go on for many years giving much enjoyment. The extra warmth an insulated roller garage door gives can save money in the long run by ensuring fewer precious plants are lost. Even gardeners with greenhouses will find the extra usable space they will find that an insulated garage door invaluable.
If you have had a surplus of produce such as carrots, root vegetables, herbs, apples, onions and potatoes it is an easy matter to prepare a dedicated storage area knowing that an insulated garage door will protect them against frost .


Move your precious pots and patio plants to a garage fitted with an insulated garage door during the harshest period and you will find many more of them survive than in an un-insulated garage. Ferns and palms for example survive more happily if their roots are not frozen for any length of time. These are costly items so storing them in your garage with the extra warmth an insulated garage door provided is very sensible. A small greenhouse type heater would give and even warmer environment and the insulated garage door feature would keep that heat exactly where it is of most benefit.


An insulated garage door provides just the right environment for bringing on a few plants and seeds for the summer. Not everyone has a heated greenhouse but with a little planning insulated roller garage doors can transform that cold draughty garage into an excellent environment. Light can be provided by low energy bulbs or a suitable window.


Storing winter flowering bulbs or specimen plants in your garage could be useful as your insulated roller shutter doors would form a good protection from any especially hot summer weather. Cool shade and some water can be an attractive microclimate for a range of plants and the insulated garage door would keep heat out as effectively as it keeps heat in during the winter.
These possibilities are just a few examples of the ways to maximise your garage that installing an insulated garage door can offer. An inventive gardener will no doubt see many other opportunities.

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