Making The Most Of Your Garden This Winter

Our gardens often get overlooked during the winter, except for some occasional snowman-making perhaps. We generally prefer to spend time outside when it’s hot and sunny – and even then we complain about the heat! But there are a number of simple ways we can make more out of our gardens in the colder months that can help to make evenings and weekends more fun.

Planning a night in…outside!

If you’re planning a night in, whether it be the girly kind, a boys’ night or even a quiet family get-together, why not try spending some of it outside if it’s dry? Wrap up in lots of warm layers, fetch some blankets and get the barbecue out. You could cook some sausages, take some soup outside or toast some marshmallows! Hot chocolate will be a sure way to warm yourselves up afterwards – or you could opt for something stronger if you’d prefer.

Patio Heaters

Patio Heater
Patio Heater

Patio heaters are a good investment if you would like to spend more time outside when it’s getting a bit chilly. There are a variety available and the prices are fairly reasonable as well. As an alternative you could consider a firepit or a chiminea. All of these are great for keeping everyone outside warm without needing to be wrapped in jumpers, coats and scarves and can be used all the way through autumn and winter. Perfect for dinner, drinks or general chit-chat outside.

Fun in the snow

When it snows, make it fun for the kids and spend time with them outside. Have a snowman making contest and see who can come up with the most creative one. Then, have a hoopla-style game to get the hat on his head! See who can roll the biggest snowball, or use your seaside bucket and spade to try to make some snow castles.

Take care of your garden

Remember to take care of your garden over the winter otherwise you will have to spend extra time repairing it during the spring. If you have a pond, cover it over to stop leaves falling in and polluting the water. Mow your lawn less frequently, let the grass grow slightly longer and ask at your local garden centre for an appropriate lawn feed that will help take care of it.
Our gardens shouldn’t be shunned in the winter, they should be used and enjoyed – otherwise all that upkeep goes to waste. If you’ve got any other ideas for enjoying your garden in the winter, leave your comments below.

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