The benefits of using a garden cloche

A garden cloche helps you to protect your plants from cold weather and frosts. Unlike greenhouses and coldframes a garden cloche is placed over your plants in their existing position meaning that your plant does not have to be uprooted from its existing position.
A garden cloche retains warmth and humidity, warms the soil to enable earlier planting and protects your plants from cold weather, animals and pesky insects that may try and attack your plants.
Garden cloches are made from either plastic or glass. There are ornate bell versions that can be put over individual plants or alternatively there are tunnel cloches that can cover complete garden beds. They sit directly on the soil are inexpensive and are portable.
Bell Cloches
This type sits comfortably over an individual plant. The traditional glass Victorian cloches look pretty but do not provide your plants with ventilation. A plastic bell cloche will have a controllable vent on the top which enables you to maximise your plants growing environment.  Bell cloches can be used on individual plants in your beds, over plant pots or to cover plants in your home or greenhouse.
Plastic Polytunnel Cloches
This type of cloche is a plastic sheet held over your plants by a series of metal hoops. At the end of the poly tunnel are two doors which can be used to control ventilation. This type of frost protection is ideal if you are looking to cover an entire garden bed or row of vegetables in your garden.
The advantages of using a garden cloche

  • Easy to transport this is advantageous over using a coldframe.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Can be used to mature crops early or to keep plants producing crops for longer in the autumn.
  • Warms the soil.
  • Protect tender herbaceous plants throughout the winter.
  • Allow you to control temperature and humidity.

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