Wooden Climbing Frames- Common Maintenance Questions and Answers

Buying a wooden climbing frame for your children can be very expensive especially if you want to ensure that you buy a good quality and safe garden structure that will last for the whole of your son or daughter childhood.
Here are a few of the common climbing frame maintenance questions and our solutions.

  1. How should I maintain a climbing frame?

All wooden equipment that is left outdoors will require maintenance. Most timber climbing frames have been stained however stain does not protect wood. To increase the longevity of your climbing frame it is best to sand it, stain it and then seal it with an oil based sealant. The stain will enhance the look of your climbing frame and the sealant will protect it. You should aim to do this annually.

  1. What kind of stain should I use on my climbing frame?

You can choose to use either an oil based or a water based stain which you can purchase from most local DIY stores. Do remember that if you do use an oil based sealant you will then not be able to use a water based sealant in the future.

  1. How can I check that my climbing frame is safe?

Before you purchase a climbing frame make sure that it meets all Safety EN71 specifications for children’s play equipment. This will ensure minimal risk to children when playing on a climbing frame. We would always recommend that you should regularly check the bolts and other fixings on a climbing frame to check that they are secure and your climbing frame is safe. If there are any ropes or swings attached then check the ropes are strong and free from decay.

  1. What should I do if my playset is swaying?

If you notice that your playset is moving, you must stop your children playing on it immediately. You should check that your climbing frame is on level ground. If the ground is not level you will need to rectify this by digging out the higher ground. Loosen all of the hardware whilst doing this and then re-tighten after the level changes have been made. Make sure you test it out before allowing your children back onto the climbing frame.

  1. My climbing frame is leaning, what should I do?

Use a spirit level to check the levels of the frame. Start at the base and if you find that you have high ground you will need to dig this out so that the floor is level. Begin then to move up the climbing frame checking the level of every tier and the swing bar, monkey bars, climbing wall and any other accessories that may be linked to your frame.
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