What makes a good garden shed?

Find out the advantages and disadvantages of a plastic shed, wooden shed and a metal shed.
The pros and cons of each garden shed material:
Plastic Garden Sheds
Maintenance free
Light weight and easy to move around your garden
Quick and easy assembly
Wide opening front allowing for easy access
Not attractive
Not environmentally friendly
Limited range of sizes
Metal Sheds
Maintenance free
Extremely durable
Ultimate security
Choice of colours
Available in wood grain effect
Easy assembly
Condensation problems inside if incorrect foundations are laid
Unsuitable for keeping pets such as rabbits and guinea pigs due to the cold conditions inside.
Rust problems sometimes occur
Noisy opening and closing doors
Not always attractive
Wooden sheds
Attractive shed
Available in a wide range of sizes
FSC Certified wooden sheds are environmentally friendly
Warm material so good for storing pets
Paint to the colour of your choice
Maintenance and re-staining required
Cheap versions are flimsy and will not last
Difficult to relocate once in position.
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