The advantages of using a Raised Bed in your garden

Instead of growing plants at ground level you can also grow different plants in a raised bed. A raised bed is simply an area of soil that is higher than the surrounding level of soil. You can purchase a ready-made raised bed which is often called a planter or alternatively you can build your own using wood or plastic.
The advantages of using a raised bed:

  1. A planter or raised bed allows you to have greater control of the type of soil used to grow your plants. Mix half compost in with soil to get a really good mix.
  2. Watering will become more efficient as your soil composition will not become water logged. Less watering will also be required as the water will not drain away as fast as it would do in a conventional flowerbed.
  3. Plant feed will remain within the specific plant area for longer in a raised bed meaning that when you do feed your plants you will be doing so more accurately.
  4. Netting can easily be attached the edges of a planter making it easy to protect your plants from birds and insects.
  5. The raised height makes gardening easier for less agile gardeners.
  6. Less digging is required compared to a conventional flowerbed.
  7. Planters are available in a range of different shapes and sizes so you are sure to find the right one for your requirements.
  8. Easy access – unlike a ground level bed you can reach all areas of a raised bed with relative ease thanks to its raised height.
  9. Increased soil temperatures in a raised bed which allow you to start planting out earlier.

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