Wooden Garden Sheds Buyers Guide

Are you planning to buy a new wooden garden shed to store your tools, lawn mower, barbecue and garden furniture in?
If so here are a few tops tips on what to consider before you buy a garden shed.
What size shed?
The most popular size shed is definitely the 8×6 shed, however you will find that you can choose from a small potting shed to a huge double door workshop or shed depending on your requirements and the size of your garden.
If you have a family and are buying a garden shed never go below a 6×5 shed as it will quickly become overcrowded with only a few tools and garden toys. Your best bet is to buy an 8×6 wooden shed or one of similar size as this will give you plenty of storage space. Do make sure that you have enough room in your garden for a garden shed of this size. An 8×6 garden shed will give you room for four bikes, your garden tools, a lawn mower plus any outdoor toys your children have.
To prolong the life of your garden furniture, store garden tables, chairs and parasols in your wooden garden shed as well.
Pitched or Flat Roof?
Garden Sheds are available with either a pitched roof known as an apex shed or with a flat roof that is slanted know as a pent roof shed.
An Apex garden shed is extremely useful when it comes to storing parasols or other equipment overhead as this type of garden shed provides great additional storage space in the space above your head which is not available in a pent roofed shed.
Pent roofed sheds on the other hand are a good choice if you are planning to position your new garden shed against your neighbours fence as the overall height of the wooden shed is generally lower than an apex shed.
A little information on wooden shed materials……..
Cheap wooden sheds are made from strips of preservative treated pine. The featheredge boards can warp and let in moisture and draughts.
If you are looking to buy a long lasting quality garden shed that you can spend time in I would recommend investing in a tongue and groove or shiplap cladding shed. These types of wooden garden sheds have interlocking wood panels that keep out the draughts. For a great range of quality wooden garden sheds check out our range now.
The roof of a good quality shed has thick felt shingles that should last for at least 10 years whilst cheaper sheds only use a simple felt.
For more information on garden sheds check out my blog and if you are looking to buy a great wooden garden shed visit Jacks Garden Store now where all of our sheds are offered with free delivery.
Good Luck
Gardener Jack!

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