July Gardening Jobs and Greenhouse tasks

Here is my quick guide to all of the gardening jobs you need to do this month. I have broken it down into simple categories which include greenhouse jobs, fruit and veg tasks, flowers and other small chores around the garden which will keep your garden looking fabulous!
Greenhouse jobs

  • Repot any plants that are becoming pot bound or too top heavy.
  • Catch pesky insects by hanging sticky yellow traps inside your greenhouse.
  • Propagate your houseplants by air layering.
  • Increase the ventilation in your greenhouse by opening all of the air vents and the doors on warm days.
  • If you grow grapes in a green house thin the bunches now.
  • Dampen your greenhouse floor during the hot weather to increase the humidity inside your greenhouse.
  • Use capillary matting underneath potted plants or alternatively stand them in trays or gravel and water to prevent your plants from drying out.

Fruit and veg tasks

  • Prune your apple tree to encourage the development of spurs or short flowering shoots that will bear clusters of fruit.
  • Prune your Bay trees to keep them in shape.
  • You can lift or dig up early potatoes.
  • Protect your apples and gooseberries from mildew by spraying with a fungicide.
  • Pick beans and mangetout.
  • Pinch out side shoots on your tomato plants.
  • Sow salad leaf seeds, radishes, spring cabbage, beetroot, spinach swede and turnips now.
  • Pick your gooseberries if they seem ripe enough, if they are not quite ready for the taking it’s ok to leave them there for a little while longer.

July Flower Tasks

  • It is now the time to pick bulbils from lily stems and pot them in order to grow new lily plants.
  • Take cuttings of the non-flowering shoots from hydrangeas.
  • Save foxglove seeds and sow into small pots filled with compost.
  • Feed roses to keep them flowering.
  • Remove seed heads from sweet peas to keep your plant flowering. You can now pick the sweet peas too!
  • Give all of your shrubs and perennial plants a liquid feed.

Other gardening tasks

  • Get rid of lawn weeds, either dig out lawn weeds or treat them with weedkiller.
  • Clean and wash out pond filters.
  • Pick herbs such as lavender and hang to dry.
  • Re-seed any bare patches in your lawn.
  • Trim your hedges.
  • Replenish your bird bath during the hot dry weather to keep wildlife coming into your garden.

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