Garden Bistro Sets for Outdoor Dining

Bistro Sets – Fashionable and Practical Garden Furniture

If you live in a house with a tiny garden or even a flat with a small balcony you can still enjoy dining outside during the warmer months. A Garden Bistro set can be a stylish addition to your patio or courtyard garden giving you a practical solution for dining or enjoying drinks outdoors. Garden bistro furntitureallows you to sit outdoors without making your garden feel overcrowded. There are many different types of bistro set available that vary in size, shape, material and colour.
Throughout this article I am going to explain the different types of garden bistro furntiture available so that you can choose the perfect outdoor furniture set for your garden.

Bistro Furniture Materials

Bistro furniture available in many different materials, there are wicker bistro sets, wrought iron bistro sets, mosaic tiled bistro sets, wooden bistro sets and aluminium bistro sets. Depending on your style preferences and your budget there are plenty of different bistro sets made in each material. Check out my or a full range of bistro sets, and view each style to see which material will look the best in your garden.

Wicker Bistro Furniture

Both wicker and rattan bistro sets are very popular in the UK and across the rest of Europe. Essentially this material is a type of palm that has been processed to make garden furniture. Wicker is tough, durable and does not splinter.

Wrought Iron Bistro Sets

Hampton Cream Garden Table and Chair Set
Hampton Cream Garden Table and Chair Set

A wrought iron garden furniture set is long lasting and maintenance free. It can withstand the harshest of weather conditions and is waterproof.

Mosaic Bistro Furniture

Beautiful mosaic tiled bistro sets are available with slate or stone tiled tops and have aluminium frames. Mosaic bistro tables are available in an impressive range of different designs and colours. More expensive mosaic tables are made from granite or marble and will look stunning on your balcony or patio! Mosaic tables are really easy to clean. To prevent damage to your mosaic table caused by frost, you should always store it away during the winter.

Wooden Bistro Sets

Windsor bistro set
Windsor bistro set

Wooden garden furniture has always been popular in the UK. There is a huge variety of wooden sets available, you can choose different colour, designs and actual wood materials. Wooden  sets vary massively in price depending on the type of wood and the quality of the set. I would always recommend purchasing a hardwood bistro set as this type of wooden set will last longer. One disadvantage of having a wooden garden furniture set is that it will fade in the sun. To keep a wooden bistro set in top shape you should sand it and re-stain each year. You will need to store this set away during the winter months.

Aluminium Bistro Sets

There are 2 seater garden bistro sets available that are made completely from aluminium and there are some that have an aluminium frame with a wicker or mosaic tiled top. An aluminium table and chair set is great if you have a low budget, they are light weight and easy to transport which is great if you need to move your table and chair set around your garden to get the sun at different times of the day.
Bistro furniture allows you to dine alfresco or sit outside and enjoy drinks with a friend or loved one. They are compact and do not overcrowd your small garden. Even if you have a large garden a bistro furniture can still look picturesque on your patio or in a gazebo or pavilion.
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