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Having a small garden does not mean that your outdoor space can only be a concrete yard or small rectangle of lawn. Some of the most creative and beautiful gardens I have ever visited have been compact yet full of enchantment thanks to careful planning and design.
You can make the most of whatever outdoor space you have, even those of you without a garden can still use window boxes to enhance the outside of your home.
Before you begin to design your garden think carefully about what you want to use your garden for? If you want to entertain outdoors you need to incorporate a small table and chair garden furniture set into your design. On the other hand you may purely want to make your garden look beautiful but have no plans to sit outdoors.
In built up areas in town and cities where smaller gardens are most common the most challenging part of turning your garden into a stunning outdoor space is figuring out how to hide or disguise often ugly fences or walls that separate your garden from your neighbours. One of the best ways to disguise unsightly garden fencing is to use climbing plants. Simply attach garden trellis to your fences and train climbing plants to grow and cover the unattractive fence panels.
Jacks top tip – Placing a garden mirrors behind the garden trellis will reflect the foliage of your climbing plants making your borders seem far deeper and your garden larger than it really is.
Keep it simple
In a small garden it is crucial that you keep the design simply. Too many plants or ornaments can make a small garden seem messy and overcrowded. Select paving material that is in keeping with your house and surrounding environment so that it blends easily into your garden scene. Timber or slate can look fabulous!
When buying ornaments it is better to spend your money on a couple of key large focal points instead of many smaller items that will make your garden look cluttered. Don’t be afraid to make a bold statement with a few large items, such as over sized pots or statues.
You may have items that you need to store outdoors such as bikes or gardening equipment. Storage can sometimes be an issue in small gardens. Depending on the size of your garden a garden shed can often take up too much of your outdoor space and leave little room for anything else. Garden Storage chests offer a more compact storage solution. Visit Jacks Garden Store for a full range of outdoor storage solutions including garden sheds and garden storage chests.
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