Eco Friendly Gardening Tips

Don’t waste time and money on expensive fertilizers and other gimmicky items in the local garden centre use a composter and make your own fertilizer instead! If you want your garden to flourish and look fabulous follow my simple tips on eco friendly gardening to improve the health and look of your garden.
Eco-friendly gardening also helps the environment and decreases the amount of hazardous chemicals and substances around your home. You will also learn how you can recycle your waste reducing the amount that would normally be collected and sent to a land fill site.
1 – Collect and recycle water
A water butt allows you to collect rain water that can be reused to water your plants during dry weather. A water butt is a good investment as it allows you to collect and keep a large amount of water in one spot in your garden. A cheaper option is to collect water in buckets or other large containers and use the rain water collected when required.
2- Water efficiently and effectively
In order to reduce the amount of watering and water wastage you should water your plants during the following times, 5 am and 10 am or 6 pm and 8 pm. Watering in the morning is the best time whilst early evening watering falls into second place. If you water your garden during the afternoon a lot of the water will be evaporated or taken by the wind.
3 – Make your own compost
Try making your own compost using garden and kitchen waste. Not only will you be producing nutrient rich food for your plants but you will also reduce the amount of waste you need to send to a land fill site. At Jacks Garden Store we offer a wide range of garden composters as well as providing further information on how to make your own compost in our blog.
4- Organic fertilizers and Weed killers
If you really don’t want to make your own compost then do try to buy organic fertilizers and weed killers instead of chemical ones.
5 – Use manure
Your plants will thrive in farm yard manure. This year I used cow manure on my salad garden and in return I have received a bumper crop of lettuce and other salad leaves. If you are interested in growing your own herbs and vegetables check out my fantastic range of starter vegetable packs.
6 – Plant native plants
Keep plants in your garden that are happy to live in your gardens natural environment. This will reduce the amount of additional water or fertilizer your plants will require. If you do wish to keep exotic plants or those that prefer to live in a warmer climate then it may be worth investing in a greenhouse where your plants can be kept far warmer.
7- Grow your own
There are so many benefits to growing your own fruit and vegetables. Not only will you benefit from eating tasty organic food you will also be doing your bit for the environment by removing any food miles and packaging  from the foods that you eat.
8 – Natural pest killers
Try hanging a bird feeder or putting up a nesting box to attract birds into your garden. In turn these birds will eat any unwanted slugs and snails that they find in your garden thus solving your pest problem naturally.
For more information on eco-friendly gardening visit my blog here at Jacks Garden Store. We also offer a wide range of gardening products such as wormeries and composters that can help you on your eco-friendly gardening way.
Good luck
Gardener Jack!

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