Get a head start on growing vegetables – March

If you are keen to grow your own vegetables this year, there is nothing to stop you getting started right now!
To start your vegetable garden off at this time of year you will need to pre-warm your soil so that your vegetables will begin to germinate earlier than normal.
Jacks top tip“Hardy vegetables such as beetroots and carrots need soil temperates to be above 46F in order to germinate whilst tender veggies such as french beans and sweetcorn require a warmer soil temperature of around 54F”.
How to warm up your soil
You can use either plastic sheeting, old fabric or a cold frame to cover your intended vegetable bed six weeks in advance of sowing your vegetable seeds. The covering will help increase the soil temperature during the day and help to reduce heat loss at night.
If the soil in your area is heavy and wet you may want to consider using a raised bed as free draining soil is far easier to warm.
If you are planning to grow cabbages, onions, leaks or lettuce you can do so in a cold frame alone and will not need to pre-warm your soil for six weeks.
As the season progresses and the weather begins to warm up you can slowly remove the covering and your plants will harden off. If unexpected cold weather is forecast use fleece to protect your young vegetables throughout the cold spell.
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Good Luck
Gardener Jack!
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  1. Some great advice on how to warm the soil prior to sowing /planting. Last year I tried a bit of an experiment with my carrots and parsnips. I covered half of the row for two weeks before sowing with plastic cloches and removeed the cloches once I had sown the seed. Those seeds where I had prewarmed the soil germinated quicker and in greater numbers than the soil left un covered.
    I have added this post to my tumblr bookmarks so that others can find it.

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