Decorative Garden Fencing – Improve the appearance of your garden.

Garden fencing not only allows you to define you land from your neighbours it also can help you to hide any unsightly areas that you may view from your home or garden such as the street outside.
Fencing panels can become a wonderful feature in your garden. A simple high border edging can really help to add the wow factor to the boundaries of your backyard.
When buying fencing you will find a number of materials and designs to choose from:
Wooden fence panels look the most attractive and even extremely tall wooden fence panels can still look stunning if made from this material. If you purchase timber fencing you must be aware that it will require some maintenance. Your fence will have to be varnished each year to protect it. You can alternatively buy pre-stained and even vinyl fence panels in white or wooden stains that will require less maintenance.
Lattice garden fence panels
Wooden lattice fence panels offer an attractive focal point to your garden. Not only do they offer a beautiful design but the lattice acts in the same way as garden trellis enabling you to grow climbing plants vertically. Over time you will be able to create a stunning wall of flowers.
Picket fencing
Picket fencing offer little privacy but will look simply charming on your garden borders. This is a low decorative style garden fencing can also be used to separate individual areas in your garden such as vegetable patches and pet enclosures. Traditionally painted white or alternatively stained a natural colour to blend easily into your gardens backdrop.
Decorative gates in the same style as your garden fencing panels will truly finish off your garden design. Depending on the style of fencing you have chosen the gate will either help to keep intruders out or simply be an attractive focal point in your garden.
Before purchasing any style of garden fence panelling, think carefully about why to want to erect a fence. Are you looking for increased security or simply to add an attractive border to your property.
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