Border Control : Hedging Vs Fence Panels

Few of us live in properties with lovely brick or old stone boundary walls, for the majority of us fences and hedges are the way in which we define our property boundaries. When the inevitable time comes for replacing or erecting a boundary,  budget can often overrule beauty due to the sheer size of the project at hand.
Planting a hedge is the cheapest way to create a dividing line between your property and your neighbours however this will take time. A fence is the swiftest way of ensuring privacy within your garden and is often an extremely good option whilst the hedge is growing. To ensure the fastest and best possible growth of your hedge regularly water the area with a good quality drip line.
Garden fencing alone can also be beautiful and times have moved on from the fashion of orangutan orange large lap panel fencing.  Budget lap fence panels can be obtained in a pressure treated wooden finish which has a far more natural look. Other attractive fence panel designs include the Venetian panel fence and the Paliframe panel which has vertical slats with small gaps. Other pleasing on the eye fencing panels worth investigating and comparing are the featherboard or chevron style. Depending on your reasons for erecting a fence, Jaketop panels are also attractive however still expect your garden activities to be viewed by your neighbours. This is not the fence to purchase if you are looking to keep prying eyes out of your garden.
If you already have an ugly old board fence in place, instead of tearing it down and starting again, why not consider a more economical solution : paint the existing fence with a dark stain such as green, brown or terracotta and cover with a trellis so that eventually beautiful flowers will overtake this former eyesore.  Trellis can be far cheaper and is very easy to attach to existing fence posts with simple u clips.

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  1. I have old privet and hawthorn hedges and also several trees in my garden and my greatest worry now is that there isn't enough water for them all.
    Occasionally I wish I had fences usually when it is hedge-trimming time, but we have a fierce westerly wind so I think hedges are better suited. The hedges are a lot of work but I really prefer them because they are so much better for the wildlife.

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